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Accurately quote your projects, create killer proposals, negotate your contracts, multiply your profitability, brand yourself as a top professional and close the sale. ProposalKit helps you demonstrate that you are the right professional for your customers. It's mission-critical, easy, customizable, accurate and immediately downloadable. Now includes the all-new "Anatomy of a Performance Marketing Web Site". Click here to start streamlining your business today!


"Got a large deal with my first proposal using your system. Love it!"

Melissa Blair

"Thanks again for your fantastic product. You made it possible for me to start my business - and move to profitable, large scale projects - by helping me become more professional in my project outlines. Your easy-to-follow and adaptable structure has saved me from expensive scope-creep as projects have moved forward. Thanks again for such a valuable resource - I've profited 100 fold of the cost of the Pro Version and recommend it to everyone who yearns to work from home!"

Douglas Lampi
Quetico Internet Marketing

"I have been in the IS field for many years before I decided to start my own web design company. I am very good at designing web sites and the graphics to go along with them but when it came time to sell myself I had very little confidence. I didn't know how to present myself in a professional manor. That's when I came across your Proposal Kit. When I purchased version 4.0 of the kit I felt my confidence soar through the roof. It gave me the ability to close several deals within the first couple of weeks. I had all the tools necessary to present myself professionally to my clients. It is a great feeling to have all the documents needed to run a design company efficiently.

Thanks for everything that you have done for me and my business!"

Best Regards,
Wayne Menard

Click here to start streamlining your business today!


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